Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dear All.

In the light of the recent hack of the Linkedin server and advisement from fellow colleagues within IT security, my account has been closed. This is not the first time a big organization has implemented poor security policies, many times due to it relating to costs. Well, their costs might be lower, but the cost of having your personal information being spread across the net without your consent, is much higher of a cost to YOU than it will ever be to them. 

Moreover, I have checked and my account password was one of the ones that was hacked. I am sure I will not even receive an apology from Linkedin, especially since I was not a paying customer. Imagine if I was? Then the hackers would have my credit card info also. 

We need to voice our opinions about these issues before they happen, since after it is too late. So, join the many of us conscious people and close your account too, since yours may also be breached. 

It is better to be safe, than sorry!!